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Court Mediation Requirements - Pennsylvania

Statewide Requirements

There is currently no statewide organization that certifies court mediators in Pennsylvania. Minimum training requirements include a 40-hour basic mediation training program. However, for custody actions, Rule 1940.4 of the Pennsylvania Code provides requirements of a court connected mediator of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. They are provided as follows:

   (1)  a bachelor’s degree and practical experience in law, psychiatry, psychology, counseling, family therapy or any comparable behavioral or social science field;

   (2)  successful completion of basic training in domestic and family violence or child abuse and a divorce and custody mediation program approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution, American Bar Association, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, or Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts;

   (3)  mediation professional liability insurance; and

   (4)  additional mediation training consisting of a minimum of 4 mediated cases totaling 10 hours under the supervision of a mediator who has complied with subdivisions (1) through (3) above and is approved by the court to supervise other mediators.

 (b)  The mediator shall comply with the ethical standards of the mediator profession as well as those of his or her primary profession and complete at least 20 hours of continuing education every two years in topics related to family mediation

 (c)  A post-graduate student enrolled in a state or federally accredited educational institution in the disciplines of law, psychiatry, psychology, counseling, family therapy or any comparable behavioral or social science field may mediate with direct and actual supervision by a qualified mediator.

Local Court Requirements

Sr. No

Judicial Districts




Eastern District

Non-Attorney mediators: must be knowledgeable about civil litigation in federal court; and complete at least 4 hours of training as a mediator approved by
the Court.   

Attorney mediators: must have practice in any federal court for 10 years or must be a member of good standing of the bar of the Courts


Western District

Non-Attorney mediators: must complete 40 hours mediation training, including training in the facilitative method of mediation; experience of mediating at least 5 cases; have strong command of mediation process skills; and appropriate professional credentials in another discipline.                                                                                              

Attorney mediators: must be in practice of law for minimum 7 years, and have substantial experience with civil litigation in federal court; complete 40 hours mediation training of which 16 hours must be participating in stimulated facilitative mediations; and strong mediation skills.


Middle District

Must be admitted in practice of law for minimum 10 years

Must have completed 2 day training course on mediation techniques offered by the Court.