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Our 40-hour mediation training certificate is accredited by the International Mediation Institute and the Civil Mediation Council. Professionals who complete the course will fulfill the education and training requirements of the Dispute Resolution Program Act California and satisfy educational requirements for most California Court Panels. Explore this page to discover more about the course content, key benefits and our training team. Information on upcoming dates and bookings can be viewed at the bottom of this page. 

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Why train with us?

  • Experienced Trainers

    Our trainers have 50+ years of combined mediation and training experience. The courses are therefore extremely rigorous and practice-focused.                                                                                                                             

  • Train Virtually

    Our virtual training program allows you to become a mediator from the comfort of your home or work-desk. Click here to find out more.

  • 100% Recommendation Rate

    At Phoenix, we are obsessed with making our clients happy, and we are really good at it as well! Scroll down to find out what they have to say about us.                                                                                               

  • Advance Mediation Theory 

    We introduce delegates to advanced concepts such as the psychology of conflict, allowing them to approach dispute resolution from a unique perspective. 

  • DRPA Compliant Training

    Professionals who complete the course will fulfill the education and training requirements of the Dispute Resolution Program Act (DRPA) California and satisfy the education requirements of California Court panels.

  • IMI & CMC Accredited

    Our courses meet the highest domestic and international standards. We are approved by the International Mediation Institute and the Civil Mediation Council.

  • Staggered Courses

    Phoenix delivers staggered training courses to accommodate professionals with busy diaries. These courses are spread over five or eight weeks. Scroll to "upcoming programs" to find out more.

  • Career Building Modules

    We provide marketing sessions, networking opportunities and insight from our team of established mediators as well as guest speakers on how you can build your practice post-qualification.

About the Program

Mediation Training Content

The Phoenix Mediation course provides a professional learning experience which is in equal parts demanding, rigorous and rewarding. The 40-hour course is built upon an engrossing presentation style, participatory learning and practical role-plays which reinforce theoretical lectures. 

Our training teams interacts with participants collectively and on an individual level to ensure a high degree of one-on-one feedback and coaching. The course content includes:

  • An introduction to Mediation
  • Mediation around the globe
  • The psychology of conflict
  • Communication Strategies
  • Power Dynamics
  • Mediation Theory
  • Step by step Mediation process
  • Mediation Ethics
  • Negotiation Masterclass
  • Career Building Modules
  • Complete a mediation training qualification externally approved by domestic and international organizations.
  • Add value to your current role by diversifying your skill-set.
  • Begin your transition to a new career.
  • Form a firm understanding of what drives conflicts in different settings including civil/commercial and workplace.
  • Learn to prevent, manage and resolve these conflicts. 
  • Develop an understanding of how to build your mediation career post-qualification through marketing sessions and guidance from leading figures in the field. 
  • Benefit from post-training support and facilitation to further your career as a mediator.
  • Train with one of the world's most experienced mediation training teams.

Anyone can become a mediator. As mediation grows, professionals from every field require the skills necessary to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts. Mediators with specific professional backgrounds can specialise as mediators within their fields as well as mediate other disputes. Besides lawyers, mediators can be:

  • Business Leaders
  • Managers
  • HR Professionals 
  • Medical Professionals 
  • Coaches
  • Psychologists 
  • Civil Servants
  • Trade Union Representatives
  • Other Professionals 

Find out how you can grow your career by becoming a mediator

Fill in your details and we will call you for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss:

  • Your professional background and interest in becoming a mediator.
  • How mediation can help your career growth.
  • The pathways to and requirements for becoming a mediator.
  • How PDSL can help you become a fully qualified and accredited mediator.
  • Any further questions you might have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After successful completion of the program you will qualify as an IMI qualified mediator and become accredited by Phoenix Dispute Solutions. You will receive certification as a fully-qualified mediator which will allow you to start conducting mediations, gain experience and build your practice. 

You will also fulfill the training and education requirements of the Dispute Resolution Program Act (DRPA) California and become eligible for several California Court Panels.

The course is 40-hours long and can be completed over three different time-frames:

  • 5 days (full-day sessions everyday Monday-Friday)
  • 5 weeks (one full-day session every week)
  • 8 weeks (one four-hour session every weekend)

Our staggered courses allow professionals the flexibility to become mediators without compromising on important work commitments.

Our standard mediation training course initiates trainees with different kinds of disputes including civil/commercial, work-place, family and inheritance. Accordingly, trainees from any background can use the course to specialize as mediators in their respective fields or choose to develop a more general practice. 

Yes. At present, there is no uniform regulatory scheme governing the practice of mediation, and, unlike other professions, such as law or medicine, there is no formal licensing or credentialing of mediators. However, the Dispute Resolution Program Act (DRPA) California underlines minimum educational and training standards for mediators. Similarly, different court programs provide their own requirements.

This course complies with all DRPA training requirements including the length of the training and necessary content. It also fulfills training requirements for individual court programs.

Each court program in California provides its own requirements for mediators. Once you have completed the Phoenix Training Program, you will fulfill all necessary training requirements. Experiential requirements vary between courts but usually consist of the mediator to have completed anywhere between two to ten mediations as a mediator or co-mediations of at least 2-hours length.

Our Training Team

Upcoming Programs

To accommodate all delegates, PDSL delivers its training courses in a staggered format over a period of eight weeks or an intensive accelerated course over a period of five days. Please see below for upcoming dates:

Five-Day Intensive Program

  • April 15th, 2024 - April 19th, 2024 (8 am - 4 pm PT every day)

  • May 20th, 2024 - May 24th, 2024 (8 am - 4 pm PT every day)

Eight-week Program

  • May 10th, 2024 - June 28th, 2024 (9 am - 1 pm PT every Friday)

Eight-week Program (Weekend Sessions)

  • May 11th, 2024 - June 29th, 2024 (9 am - 1 pm PT every Saturday)

Please forward any queries to or call us at +1 (628) 529-1182. 

You can find out more about how online training works here and book your place by 'adding to cart' below. 

If you would like to pay using our 3-month interest free instalment scheme, please email us at or call us at +1 (628) 529-1182. 

All programs are currently delivered online and offered with a 45% discount.


Ticket Description Date Ticket Type Price Buy Now
Five-Day Intensive Program (April 15th, 2024 - April 19th, 2024) 15 / 04 / 2024 General admission $1,199.99 Add to cart
Eight-week Staggered Course (May 10th, 2024 - June 28th, 2024) 10 / 05 / 2024 General admission $1,199.99 Add to cart
Eight-week Staggered Weekend Course (May 11th, 2024 - June 29th, 2024) 11 / 05 / 2024 General admission $1,199.99 Add to cart
Five-Day Intensive Program (May 20th, 2024 - May 24th, 2024) 20 / 05 / 2024 General admission $1,199.99 Add to cart

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