Conciliation is a method of ADR whereby an impartial third party facilitates negotiations between parties enabling them to arrive at a settlement. It is closely tied to the process of mediation, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. 

Although a conciliator would conventionally take up an impartial role during proceedings, they may on occasion offer their opinion on the legal merits of the claim if the parties are unable to suggest appropriate terms.  Another difference between mediation and conciliation is the parties to a conciliation do not usually appoint the conciliator themselves. 

Conciliation has many of the same advantages as mediation. For example:

  • The conciliator is normally a legal expert in the disputed field;
  • The process is confidential;
  • The parties are not bound by a third party-judgement;
  • The process is flexible and not subject to a specific procedure; 
  • The process is informal so parties should not feel out of their comfort zone;
  • Time and cost savings.

Phoenix’s conciliation panel brings at your disposal some of the most experienced barristers, solicitors and HR professionals. Our state of the art legal search engine and high quality behind the scenes administration ensures that a conciliation is arranged as soon as plausible allowing you the opportunity to resolve your dispute swiftly.