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“Conflict is neither good nor bad. Properly managed, it is absolutely vital.”

We believe that the key to developing mediation is to set, maintain and deliver quality standards that will allow mediators to achieve satisfactory results for clients. The Phoenix Mediation training programme is therefore designed to provide a truly transformative professional learning experience which is in equal part demanding, rigorous and rewarding. Explore this page to discover more about the course content, key benefits and our training team. 

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Online Training

To ensure that professionals are able to train as mediators whilst maintaining social distancing measures, Phoenix has successfully launched its virtual mediation training programme. You can now attend a CMC approved training course with the same level of content and rigour online from the comfort of your desk. 

About the Programme

Mediation Training Content

Over 5 days, candidates will discover conflict resolution in a new light and receive personalised one-on-one training to apply their new skills. Our trainers interact with delegates collectively and on an individual level, ensuring that their mediation techniques are developed in accordance with their strengths and weakness. The course includes:

  • An introduction to Mediation
  • Mediation around the globe
  • The psychology of conflict
  • Mediation Theory
  • Step by step Mediation process
  • Mediation ethics
  • Negotiation masterclass
  • Career Building Modules
  • Complete a mediation training qualification externally approved by domestic and international organisations.
  • Add value to your current role by diversifying your skill-set.
  • Begin your transition to a new career.
  • Form a firm understanding of what drives conflicts in different settings including civil/commercial, family and workplace.
  • Learn to prevent, manage and resolve these conflicts. 
  • Develop an understanding of how to build your mediation career post-qualification through marketing sessions and guidance from leading figures in the field. 
  • Benefit from post-training support and facilitation to further your career as a mediator.
  • Train with one of Britain's most experienced mediation training teams.

Anyone can become a mediator. As mediation grows, professionals from every field require the skills necessary to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts. Mediators with specific professional backgrounds can specialise as mediators within their fields as well as mediate other disputes. Besides lawyers, mediators can be:

  • Business Leaders
  • HR Professionals 
  • Coaches
  • Psychologists 
  • NHS, Civil Servants
  • Trade Union Representatives
  • Other Professionals 

Why train with us?

  • Train with practicing mediators 

    Our trainers are established practitioners and academics in the field. They combine years of practice and teaching to deliver an unparallaled training experience.

  • Learn the most advanced mediation theory 

    We introduce delegates to advanced concepts such as the psychology of conflict, allowing them to approach dispute resolution from a unique perspective. 

  • Internationally-recognised mediation training

    Through our partnership with Mediation International, our programme has been approved by the International Mediation Institute. We are the only organisation in the UK to provide this qualification. 

  • Upgrade your mediation training to gain the prestigious IMI accreditation

    Training with us allows you to become IMI qualified and subsequently attain the prestigious full IMI certification after further training. To discover more about the IMI, click here

  • Post-training facilitation

    We are committed to not just providing you with mediation training, but to help you build a successful career in the field. We therefore provide support and guidance through the post-qualification period as you seek to grow your practice. 

  • Career building modules

    We provide marketing sessions, networking opportunities and insight from our team of established mediators as well as guest speakers on how you can build your practice post-qualification.

Our Programme

Our course is externally approved by the Civil Mediation Council. Through partnership with Mediation International, we also provide an International Mediation Institute qualification. The CMC and the IMI establish domestic and international standards for the quality of mediation training and require programmes to include sufficient depth, structure, assessment and length.

A Unique Offering

Trainee feedback from other mediation courses indicates that post-course, participants are often left in the dark and let down about pathways into the profession, regulatory requirements and overall career development. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by focusing on not just providing an accredited qualification, but also equipping trainees with the commercial understanding that is crucial in properly utilising this qualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before, during and after undertaking training, you will have several questions about the course and the profession in general. We are committed to providing a comprehensive resource so that you are never left in the dark. You can access our mediation training FAQ’s below.

Post-training facilitation

Having an experienced support network can be crucial to your career prospects.  We therefore we aim to provide you with constant guidance and support through the early stages of your career. This includes email and helpline support for all our alumni. 

How do you become a Mediator?

The Mediation profession does not have an official regulator, which means that pathways into a career can be quite uncertain. So how do you become a Mediator?

Building your Mediation Career

At Phoenix, we seek to ensure that our alumni have the best possible training to succeed as Mediators. Watch this video to discover more about our career building modules.

Our Training Team

Upcoming Programmes

The next upcoming 5-day Mediation programme takes place online between 22nd-26th June 2020. The course will deliver CMC approved training to a cohort of solicitors, barristers and human resource professionals. You can find out more about how online training works and reserve your place here.