Nela Roncevic Ashton

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I am Nel and I am a mediator and facilitator. I came across mediation for the first time when I had a conflict situation with a work colleague. We went through the process and when we finished, we both felt that this is something everyone should try sometime. We are now good friends. Working for NHS for over 20 years I have come across many conflicts, conflicting demands and situations where I have had to exercise communication, negotiation and influencing in order to deliver my service to the patients, professionals and wider public. As a personal development, I embarked on learning about the concept of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication (NVC) This has opened new horizons for me both in my personal and professional life and here I am in a capacity other than my original healthcare provider role, yet still using the knowledge obtained in that role. While the name chosen by Marshall is slightly controversial, he chose it when he started to use it in order to mediate situations in the community, workplaces and even warzones. He focused on needs, feelings and requests which resulted in opening the possibilities that were unimaginable otherwise. I was keen to carry on his legacy along with many people around the world, as Marshall is sadly no longer with us. It was this practice that eventually delivered me to the training to become a mediator officially.

Mediation Qualifications:

Nela is a PDSL accredited and International Mediation Institute approved mediator.