Partnership dissolutions are often very emotional. Whether involving two or more partners, family members, friends or business associates, ADR is ideal for partnership changes and potential dissolution. The partners may either no longer be communicating productively to each other or they may be getting along well but know they have to face difficult decision-making and, in either event, want to ensure and preserve their relationship and personal integrity after dissolution or reconfiguration.  Such disputes are better settled out of the public spotlight. Mediation is an ideal dispute resolution mechanism for such disputes, taking into consideration the delicate or potential corrosive aspects of the situation.  Mediation is a confidential, facilitative process of discussion and negotiation that allows the participants involved in such a dispute, the opportunity to exchange divergent views, ask questions, and discuss difficult topics with the assistance of a neutral third party as they explore and find mutually acceptable and/or understandable solutions. 

Our very experienced mediators will be happy to assist you in navigating the intricacies of your dispute and unlocking a solution that is acceptable to all parties involved.