“If there ever was any doubt that the consensual settlement of disputes… served the public interest, it has been laid to rest. Consensual settlement – whether facilitated through informal negotiation, structured mediation… or any other such means – is an essential aspect of any civil society.”

Lord Dyson MR 

Mediation has been described by the courts as a form of neutrally assisted negotiation. The negotiation is usually held with the facilitation of a third party mediator, within a structured process, in a formal setting, during a defined period of time, all of which seeks to create an impetus for settlement. The third party mediator does not play the role of the judge, nor does he offer an opinion on the merits either party’s case. 

At Phoenix, we believe that dispute resolution must be easily accessible, quickly achievable and minimal in the financial and emotional strain it places on both parties. Mediation is, therefore, an ideal form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Phoenix’s mediation panel brings at your disposal the most experienced barristers, solicitors and professional who have trained as mediators and amassed a rich and diverse experience of successfully resolving complex disputes.

Our state of the art legal search engine and high quality behind the scenes administration ensures that a mediation is arranged immediately, allowing you the opportunity to resolve your dispute as soon as possible. Part of our mission to provide you with the highest possible level of service includes the management of document exchange between parties, selection and hiring of venues, providing fund-holding services and offering various other forms of admin support.  

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