Our commitment to ADR and belief in legal technology has led us to invest in cutting-edge online technology, which will eventually allow us to facilitate the provision of conflict management and dispute resolution services from every corner of the globe.

Mon, 01/10/2018 - 18:42 By admin

At Phoenix, we are committed to streamlining our channels of communication by innovating economically efficient ways of delivering our services. Whilst city law firms reluctantly embraced email communications at the start of the millennium and benefited from the adoption of automation tools, the core of the legal services industry has largely remained averse to technological intervention. Essentially, while legal technology has been acquired to assist lawyers in reducing the time it takes to deal with clients' matters, translating into an incidental cost benefit for clients, few initiatives have been targeted at directly improving client experience and reducing cost at the source.

The technological revolution in the past the past 15 years has seen old-fashioned, bureaucratic methods of client communication give way to innovation and create new elite corporations such as Uber and Travel Advisor. Our belief is that the legal industry is fit for a similar intervention, and that Alternative Dispute Resolution is one vehicle by which this pioneering shift can be pursued.

Our commitment to ADR and belief in legal tech has led us to invest in cutting-edge online technology which will allow us to facilitate the provision of ADR services in every corner of the globe with minimum human intervention and maximum efficiency. Launching in September 2019, our “first of its kind” legal search engine will allow disputing parties worldwide to register their dispute online with us and simultaneously select their desired practitioner(s) from a pool of experienced ADR professionals.

We further enhance client experience by providing all the behind the scenes administration, allowing you to simply focus on achieving a satisfactory resolution of your dispute.  Under our model, the resolution of disputes using ADR methods will become simple to arrange, require minimum pre-ADR consultation between clients and their representative, and in many cases result in solutions after a single day’s engagement. They are tailor-made to transcend the in-house lawyer and hourly billing model, providing a swift and reasonably priced service to clients through the utilization of technology.