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Our virtual mediation training programme is a first of its kind in the world. We use state of the art software to recreate a real-life classroom experience enabling attendees to learn and qualify as mediators from home or work. The virtual mediation training programme follows the same content and structure as our flagship Phoenix Mediation Course. This is an accredited 5-day programme.

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How it works

The Platform

Our virtual learning programme uses Zoom for Education software and is powered by AyoTree online learning. Joining the classroom is as simple as using your given login details on our domain and pressing "launch". We work with you to provide comprehensive tech guidance and support to ensure that you are familiar with the software and ready to learn.


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  • Live video;
  • Crystal clear audio;
  • Multiple interactive whiteboards;
  • Markup and annotation tools;
  • File and document sharing;
  • Screen sharing; and
  • Many other collaborations tools.
Course Content

The virtual mediation training programme follows the same content and structure as our flagship Phoenix Mediation Course. This is an intensive 5-day programme accredited by the Civil Mediation Council. Our courses are heavily practice focused and allow you to gain personalised one-on-one training from our experienced mediation trainers. To discover more about the course content, our unique career guidance modules and training team, visit our mediation training page.

Why train virtually?

  • Save time and costs

    Classroom learning usually comes with a range of associated costs including travelling and sometimes accommodation. Virtual learning avoids these extra costs, offering best value for money spent. 

  • A quality learning experience 

    By utilising cutting-edge software currently used by higher education institutes, we deliver the highest quality user experience in a virtual setting and make no compromises on our standard.

  • Productive working from home

    As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact our lives and cancel appointments in our diaries, professionals working from home have the opportunity to use lost time productively by gaining an invaluable professional qualification.

  • Convenient

    As a virtual learner, you no longer have to concern yourself with anything other than learning. You can learn from where you want, without worrying about logistics, travelling, accommodation and parking. 

Find out how you can grow your career by becoming a mediator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual learning allows you to attend our accredited mediation training programme without leaving your home or office, using the Zoom for Education virtual classroom platform. 

Zoom for education requires minimum technical specs readily available in most devices:

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in
  • Or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card

For information on compatible operating systems and more, click here. 

Before and during the programme, you will receive comprehensive tech support and guidance to familirise yourself with using the the virtual software. Phoenix will work with you to deliver free demonstration sessions, user guides and video screencasts to ensure smooth attendance of the course. 

Our mediation trainers are specially trained on how to interact with remote attendees using the Zoom for Education features such as audio, chat and annotation and our remote labs ensure all participants can take part in hands-on exercises wherever they are.

Upcoming Programmes

To accommodate all delegates, PDSL delivers its accredited courses in three different formats:

5-day intensive Course:

  • 10th July - 14th July 2023 (5-day intensive course, 9 am - 5 pm everyday)

  • 2nd October - 6th October 2023 (5-day intensive course, 9 am - 5 pm everyday)

  • 20th November - 24th November 2023 (5-day intensive course, 9 am - 5 pm everyday)

5-week Friday Course:

  • 11th August - 8th September 2023 (5-week course, 9 am - 5 pm on Fridays)

8-week weekend Course:

  • 15th July - 2nd September 2023 (8-week weekend course, 9 am - 1 pm on Saturdays)

Please forward any queries to or call us at 0161 236 9735. 

You can find out more about how online training works here and book your place by 'adding to cart' below. 

If you would like to pay for the courses using our three, six or nine-month interest-free instalment plans, please email us at or call us at 0161 236 9735. 

All programmes are currently delivered online for the price of £1,199.99.

Ticket Description Date Ticket Type Price Buy Now
5-day course - 10th July - 14th July 2023 (9 am - 5 pm, everyday) 10 / 07 / 2023 General admission £1,199.99 Add to cart
8-week course - 15th July - 2nd September 2023 (9 am - 1 pm, every Saturday) 15 / 07 / 2023 General admission £1,199.99 Add to cart
5-week course - 11th August - 8th September 2023 (9 am - 5 pm, every Friday) 11 / 08 / 2023 General admission £1,199.99 Add to cart
5-day course - 2nd October - 6th October 2023 (9 am - 5 pm, everyday) 02 / 10 / 2023 General admission £1,199.99 Add to cart
5-day course - 20th November - 24th November 2023 (9 am - 5 pm, everyday) 20 / 11 / 2023 General admission £1,199.99 Add to cart