Hasanain Haji is an experienced business development expert with a background in law. After graduating from Thames Valley University, he worked in the field of human rights law and played a vital role in several high profile cases. Since focusing on business development over the last 20+ years, Haji – as he is universally known – has put his law training to good use, refining his mediation skills in the structured commercial environment of real world business negotiations. Haji has recently added a formal mediation qualification to his armoury and brings with him a wealth of experience acquired in a variety of business fields, from wealth management and real estate to telecoms and IT & Cyber Security. He started his business career in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has negotiated with governments and organisations from Switzerland to Sierra Leone. Haji is hugely accomplished in dealing with the realities of real world negotiations and is the perfect mediator for business owners looking to draw on his practical knowledge to resolve their disputes.