Teresa Dawkins is the founder and owner of Dawkins Mediation, a premier online mediation firm focused on workplace mediation. She is an internationally certified mediator having completed her training with Phoenix Dispute Solutions as well as training with Mediate.com. She is recognized as a qualified mediator with the International Mediation Institute. Prior to becoming a full-time mediator, Teresa worked in the legal field for a number of years. Most recently as a planning prosecution officer in London, and as a legal consultant for a U.S. based company. She has also worked as a licensed clinical social worker in private and public healthcare settings, which provided invaluable experience working with individuals and groups in crisis.​ Her diverse experience has made her adept at dealing with parties from a wide variety of backgrounds and business cultures. Teresa can quickly get to the heart of a case, combining her legal expertise with her personal warmth and ability to build rapport with clients. Teresa was admitted as a Licensed Attorney to the Arizona and Alaska Bar in 2018. She received a certification in International Arbitration and Practice from Queen Mary School of Law, with Honours (2016). She holds a Juris Doctor from Saint Thomas School of Law in 2016, with Distinction.